James Creston

Growing up as a Northern California native, my family spent the early part of my childhood moving around from town to town. My mother worked hard to ensure I had everything I needed to be successful in every venture I pursued. She worked countless hours of swing shifts to provide for me and loved me dearly. I realized I didn’t have to worry about life because above all material items I had her love and support.

It wasn’t until we settled down in Oakley, Ca. that I met my life long friends. Aaron and I began our friendship in the 7th grade, in math class to be exact. When he found out I was learning to play guitar he selflessly took me under his wing and started teaching me how to play the guitar. It started with short hand tabs of Metallica scribbled out on our math assignments. This comradery eventually grew into practicing together and now into a life long friendship and business partnership.

Aaron’s Father Henry and his mother Nancy were very generous when they opened their home to me. Henry is a man who is never short on talent, kindness, humor, and down right honesty right when you may need it the most, and Nancy has always been full of love and endless support. Henry’s ability to problem solve intrigued me from my early teens, and even to day his intelligence motivates me to continue learning, and educate myself to do the things I love to the best of my abilities.

Maret Guitars has grown to be my greatest passion. It’s a legacy which started decades ago and has been passed on from one workshop to the next, inspiring innovation with each transition. My goal is to continue to pursue our passion and make instruments that are built to last the trials of time.

James Creston  - Maret Guitars