Gregory Silverman

Some of my favorite memories as a kid include going to all the car shows with my Stepfather, Barry. He worked on cars his whole life and introduced me to his world. It was love at first site.

If it runs on gas, I’ll paint it. If it drives , flies or floats, I can create a unique, artistic depiction of your special RIDE. In fact, I’d even dig a John Deere tractor, so long as it has a touch of chrome and some sort of wicked reflection. I am probably as crazy about your ride as you are. In the past 20+ years my artwork has been commissioned by car collectors and others who want to enjoy their prized possessions in their indoor space.

We often see transportation in motion, in the sky or on the road, as it’s hauling past us. Ordinary details that are frequently overlooked are explored and amplified in my work. Whether it’s the transparent headlight comprised of hundreds of colors or the fluid lines caused by your average reflection, I see beauty in every nook and cranny.

The collaboration of Aaron, James and I, started in 2014 when I met Aaron Younce. Aaron showed an interest in my photo-realistic automobile paintings. He came up with the idea of putting our talents together to create a classic car guitar line. I would take the hand-crafted guitar they make and paint a classic car that works well with the shape and design of the guitar. It was truly an exciting moment when we completed our first custom guitar, a 1951 Buick Super. This is the very beginning of our journey and our vision is already becoming a reality!

Gregory Silverman  - Maret Guitars