Christopher Anway is an artistic powerhouse. Working in oil paints, tattoo, sculpture, spray paints, drawing, and hustle, this self-taught maestro has paid his dues. Over the last two decades, Anway has produced new artworks at a prolific pace, resulting in thousands (yes, literally thousands) of works across art media.

When painting in his studio, and with his national and international mural work, Anway pulls imagery from his own head, a home-museum full of relics and antiques, and a library of history books and collected images. In a strictly intuitive manner, he then layers this found imagery and creates a dark apocalyptic, yet somehow whimsical world of political satire, alternate world history, and distorted pop-culture. Like the great surrealists before him, to find a single conceptual meaning misses an opportunity for the viewer to fall head-first into the looking glass.