Maret Guitars – custom guitar shop

Maret Guitars was established in 2008 as a custom musical instrument company in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, and we’ve now expanded operations to Brooklyn, NY, and New Orleans, LA. We specialize in boutique hand crafted, hand painted solid body electric guitars. Our combined knowledge and experience, and our dedication to precision craftsmanship is the core of our stylish and ergonomic designs, meticulous material selection, and skillfully executed construction. Our instruments are made one at a time to allow us to give each guitar our undivided attention to detail so that we can ensure the highest level of quality. We take great care to make sure your instrument is tailored to your playing style and needs, and all of our work is guaranteed for life. We offer a line of original guitar designs, but we also openly welcome custom commissioned projects. If you have ideas, we want to hear them. Together, we can make your passion for playing music a better experience.

Maret Guitars